Cars on Road

Super nimble car Lightning Makvin is already waiting for your arrival, so that with a roar rush through the city streets with ease maneuvering among oncoming cars. Such a trip cannot be called ordinary and calm, so get ready for the fact that the adrenaline in your blood will just go through the roof. Lightning McQueen knows exactly what he is doing, so trust him, but don’t let us down, because you will have to follow the bends of the road in order to collect to the maximum all the gold stars in the area that our wheel hero really needs. And also do not forget about refueling, because with an empty tank you can not go far! This will become your common business, which is possible only with the clear coordination of all the movements of the rider and his conscientious car, because at these speeds you must fully control the situation around you so as not to fall into a deadly trap, which is full of on the city roads!

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