Bob the Robber 3

In the game Bob the Robber 3, you will again meet the handsome Bob. Bob is a thief by vocation, he turned his talents into a profession and an opportunity to help people. Thus, this helped him not to sink to the bottom and not become a criminal. Although in the eyes of the Law, he is still a violator and police bloodhounds have long wanted to put the hero under lock and key. Bob is Robin Hood of the underworld, he fights with mafia clans with his own methods and they turn out to be more successful than methods of justice. The character has a lot of informants, they report to him about the villainous plans, and Bob manages to warn them by stealing valuable information or objects. This time the hero received a very disturbing letter, in which it was stated in detail that a secret laboratory had appeared under the city, in which the evil genius professor secretly developed a deadly vaccine that could destroy humanity in a matter of days. In the game Bob the Robber 3, you have to help Bob get into the underground multi-level bunker, carefully examine it and steal important documents. The corridors are oversaturated with surveillance cameras, in addition, huge guards constantly roam there, which means that important secrets are kept here. The thief needs to stock up with a penknife to open the locks on the doors, night vision goggles and other useful things for a spy. If it is impossible to avoid meetings with the guards, attack them from behind and cut them down. Collect papers with notes of the professor, do not miss the hints with codes to open the coded door locks. The game Bob the Robber 3 is an intriguing action with arcade elements, you will find a lot of puzzles, you will have to show not only ingenuity, but also dexterity, skill to open the locks with the help of master keys. Do not be alarmed if you meet a mummy in the corridors. You will not be disappointed by the long-awaited continuation of the adventures of a cute robber, but now you can play the game on tablets or smartphones and will not be tied to a stationary computer.

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