Author: Sergey Ivanov

Paradise Walk

This girl loves to fantasize, especially while walking. Today she will go to her favorite place to walk there and once again indulge in dreams of true love and romantic walks in the Garden of Eden. Choose an outfit for the girl so that she looks amazing and is ready for any unexpected meeting….

Mystery rail train

In the morning you found that your car broke down, you have to get to work on the subway. Once in the car, you suddenly heard a strange sound, from which all passengers fell into a panic, and even someone hit you hard on the head, you lost consciousness. When you woke up, you have already found yourself alone in the middle of this mystical carriage. Ready to find a way out?…

Barbie Marilyn Style

Clothing style is a very difficult question, especially when you do not quite own the situation. Today, Ken invited Barbie to a retro party, which will bring together all the creams of high society and to look appropriate, she needs a chic retro-style outfit. Let Barbie not be sad, because choosing clothes is not as difficult as matching her. Would Garbo or Monroe style suit her, do you think?…

Farm house escape

Today you will have a very interesting and fascinating mission. You get to the farm. There are several rooms where the cow is located, in each of the rooms there are several details that you should carefully look at. At first glance, nothing complicated, but you need to collect the picture with the cow and you need to find the key for the bedside table. Well, the fun begins next. Torment….

Counting The Sheep

A game specifically for young children, in which they can repeat how to count from one to ten. It will also be useful in it that it draws attention, increases attention and makes you make decisions quickly. From the colorful and cartoonish graphics, the children will certainly not remain indifferent, and the selection of musical compositions will allow them to cheer up….