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Rick and Morty

Meet funny characters: the grumpy old scientist Rick and his thirteen-year-old grandson Morty. In the game Rick and Morty you will find heroes in the laboratory. Rick will immediately begin to get nervous and ask you not to touch anything, but the boy is unlikely to obey him, like you. Click on different objects and enjoy what you see. It is interesting to explore everything that catches your eye. When tired, follow on, you have to dress up the heroes using the provided wardrobes with a variety of clothes and accessories. Click on the hero and choose whatever you like.

Color Circle

Simple skill games most often become the most popular and sought after. The game Color Circle will appeal to everyone who likes to test their reaction and is quick to solve problems. To score points needed to set a record, you need to pass the ball through the rotating rings to a circle located inside. To get to the goal, pass the ball through the segment of the ring that matches its color, grab the precious crystals that appear next to the goal. The color of the ball is constantly changing, make sure that it does not collide with the wrong segment.

Spooky Motel

Harold and Amanda are guides; they conduct daily bus excursions to scenic spots. Today’s trip to the Spooky Motel will be remembered for a long time. The bus, as usual, was filled with tourists and set off on the usual route. Everything went according to plan, but on the way back there was a breakdown and very serious. Passengers will have to spend the night in the nearest motel, which is notorious. Rumor has it that a vicious ghost has settled in the hotel, which terrorizes all guests. Ghosts usually attract specific objects. If you find them and destroy them, the spirit will disappear. Get down to business, you will be helped by all the tourists and their accompanying.

Armed Forces vs Gangs 2

Everything is clear and understandable in the war: the enemy is on the other side and must be destroyed. It is more difficult when peaceful life is undermined from the inside and various gang groups do it. In appearance – these are ordinary people, but they live according to their thieves’ laws, not obeying the generally accepted laws of society. They disrupt order and even kill innocent people, which is completely unacceptable. Recently, gangs have unbelted to such an extent that the authorities brought an army into the street. You are in Armed Forces vs Gangs 2 as part of the units that are supposed to cover and clean up the den of criminals. A tough confrontation awaits you, the enemy is insidious and dangerous, moving along desert corridors and passages, be on the alert, the enemy may appear unexpectedly and will not be alone.

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse

Take a look at the blocky world of Minecraft, here in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In appearance, everything seems calm and peaceful, but after a little walk, you will find out what is really going on. Before in the game Crazy Pixel Apocalypse you need to choose which side you will fight: zambi or people. Then select the location from the existing ones or create your own with your own rules. Arm the character, even a zombie will not roam empty-handed. Gone are the days when monsters wielded only teeth and claws, their opponents are too serious. You can join the team, but if you are used to relying only on yourself, act alone.

Don’t Drop The White Ball

In the game Don’t Drop The White Ball, you will become the guardian of the white ball and its protector. The ability of the hero to get into unpleasant and sometimes fatal situations is simply phenomenal. The kid and strives to fall to the bottom, but you will not let him make such a mistake. Substitute platforms that fit your arm. This will require agility and quick reaction, and you will fully demonstrate them. Collect a record number of points, challenge your friends to a duel and fight with them when you are sure that you can win, and for now, train until you get bored.