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Talking Tom Piano Time

Cat Tom and his girlfriend cat Angela decided to open his own music club. But the trouble is, they with Angela can not choose which style to choose for their institution. We will play in the game Talking Tom Piano Time for a designer who will help them in this matter. Before us on the screen two panels will be visible. With the help of one of them you can change the decor elements of the room and decorate it with various elements. The second panel is responsible for clothes and accessories that you can put on our character. So sit back and start creating something unique and fashionable.

Armored Humvee Jigsaw

Each army has a special military equipment. In addition to tanks, there are many cars that should simplify the lives of soldiers. Today in the game Armored Humvee Jigsaw, we will meet with you such a brand of military vehicles as Hammer. But in order to see the image of this machine, we will have to assemble an interesting puzzle with you. On the screen you will see a gray almost colorless image of the car. On the right will be the elements of this puzzle. You will need to take them one by one and drag them onto the playing field. So you gradually and restore a holistic image of a military vehicle.

Animal Connection

Today, for our youngest players, we present the game Animal Connection. In it, they can develop not only mindfulness, but also remember the name and type of various animals. You will see pictures of various animals on the screen. These pictures will form various geometric shapes. You need to carefully examine the playing field and find on them two completely identical pictures. After that, click on them with the mouse and you will see how they are connected by a line and disappear from the screen. Remember that the line should not cross the picture. Only in this way can you solve this puzzle.

Pro Gym

In today’s world, a lot of people suffer from excess weight. Therefore, almost every city has gyms where you can work out and qualified trainers will help you. Today in the game Pro Gym you will play for such a coach. Young people will come to you and you will need to help lose weight. To get started, you will need to paint them the right diet. This can be done using a special panel. Then you will do their training. To do this, special sports equipment is installed in the hall and you will need to assign exercises for your wards.

Ellie Vaccines Injection

In one small town, an influenza epidemic has begun and almost all people come to the hospital to be vaccinated. You in the game Ellie Vaccines Injection will work as a doctor in such a clinic. A young girl, Ellie, will come to your appointment. You will need to listen to her heartbeat, measure the temperature and give a special drug in tablets. After that, you can take a syringe and inject the vaccine. But for this, treat the skin area with a special solution and only then inject the injection. Then attach a cotton swab and stop the blood. When it stops flowing you can stick a band-aid and let the girl go home.

3d Arena Racing

Cool sports cars, powerful motors and adrenaline – all this awaits you in the new exciting game 3d Arena Racing. In it you as a racer will participate in a mass of races that take place around the world on various tracks. At the beginning of the game you will have the opportunity to choose a car. Remember that each of them has its own characteristics. After that, you will find yourself on the starting line with the enemy and, upon a signal, will rush to the finish line. Your task is to accelerate your car as much as possible. Enter corners smoothly, overtake your rivals if you need to push them off the road. But do everything to come to the finish line first and win the championship title.