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Customize BMW i8

Want to feel like a real designer of super-expensive cars, then start playing the game Customize BMW i8. Now you have to finalize a modern car, which only entered production. The model that you are going to upgrade is intended exclusively for wealthy people and in the future is equipped with the most cutting-edge equipment and of course is supplemented with the necessary accessories that will stand out clearly along with top-class cars. Tackle the tuning of the upper part, it is permissible to repaint with more expensive paint in an original tone. As soon as you handle the body, re-equip the interior. At the end, do not forget to sit inside the iron horse and get an unforgettable experience.

Build-A-Bear Adventures

The deer Glisten from the game Build-A-Bear Adventures wants to meet Christmas and does everything to make it faster. On his own, he collects gifts for the little children of his city and packs them in red bags. It is not so easy to cope with such hard work on your own, you should help the deer. At the moment, she needs to move her brothers from the western part of the city to the northern one to the city of Elves, and this is only the first part of her assignment. Spin the roulette wheel under luck to take the right number of steps in the right direction. As soon as Glisten with Rinder and Tinsel get to the area, begin preparations for the second part of the game.

Catch The Pig

The pink pig was so fond of freedom that when she was placed in a cattle pen, she immediately began to come up with an escape plan. And ran away! Now in the game Catch The Pig will have to catch up with the pig and take it to its rightful place. Catching a nimble pig is not so simple; it has an unenviable cunning and clever movements. It’s worth a lot of effort to get Piggy in the right place. You do not have so many actions, you should think through each step well before building defensive redoubts. Fence sections are in a certain amount. Remember the game of tic-tac-toe and start acting according to your own plan.

Dev Runner

In a small town an apocalypse set in: dangerous monsters descended to the surface of the Earth with the goal of enslaving the territory. A boy named Dev from the game Dev Runner, two months ago knew about the plans of vile animals and prepared a draft retreat. The guy decided to run to another state in order to prepare for the battle with the monsters. Weeks of training on the run give good results, especially if there is a navigator nearby who will anticipate the next obstacle on the way. Look only ahead and deftly move Deva through deep cliffs. Collecting items along the road will not be amiss, they help you run faster from the monster that is stuck in the back.

Dark Runner Shadow Parkour

The dark runner wants to take part in the parkour competition in the game Dark Runner Shadow Parkour, which will be held in the neighboring city and is preparing in every possible way for them. All that is needed for the competition is to learn to run well and jump high. You can train a dark hero right now. Become his trainer and send him on a sports road. Correct the character while moving, because in front of him there are many different obstacles that he needs to jump in one fell swoop. Scattered gold ducats will be a pleasant bonus, they can be collected to better replenish the bonus system.

Super stickman golf

Stickman invites you to play golf in Super stickman golf, do not give up this opportunity. Driving a golfer, you will pass ten fields, throwing a ball into a hole. At first, the relief will seem simple to you, and the task is simple, but moving through the levels, you will feel how they gradually become more complicated. The terrain becomes hilly and getting a ball from one time is becoming increasingly difficult. Try to earn three gold stars and score maximum points. And this will happen only with a well-aimed hit and a minimum of shots. After each successful hit, a table of your indicators will appear in front of you.