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Spacemen Journey 2

Eddie was sent into space to enslave the planets. He has all the necessary equipment and devices for this. He should be on the alert, because on every new planet new dangers can await you. Be prepared for everything and do not neglect the safety rules when approaching an unfamiliar creature. Be always ready to attack and destroy the enemy. Have a good game…

Stalingrad – 2

If you are not afraid of dangers and difficulties, try to win this game. Protect the family from the Nazi army. Military vehicles drive along paved tracks, and the roar of flying planes is heard overhead. It is necessary to build factories in order to be able to produce and install guns. For each shot down enemy weapon I will be credited with money….

Change girl Monica

YOU are a young, promising girl, and you really like to dress your friends in various outfits? Then in this application you can find yourself. All that is required of you is to choose various dresses and suits for models correctly and concisely. Good luck to you!…

Barbie Tinkerbell Fairy

This is another game from the Barbie series. In it you need to create a new image of a girl. The image will not be simple, but thematic, you need to choose clothes so that Barbie looks like a fairy Tinker Bell. At will, you can choose hairstyles, wonderful shoes, bewitching wings, intricate dresses and stunning jewelry and accessories. All this is very compactly located in the wardrobe menu and is perfectly visible without interfering with the gameplay….

Shift poker solitaire

In this flash, all attention is paid to the card table. On it are laid out in a clear order combinations of cards. The essence of the game is, anyway, to collect not a simple order, but certain sequences of cards. Based on poker. People who are familiar with this game will be much easier and more interesting to achieve some result….

The Ninth realm

Let’s try to play in battle, and not in one. In each level you will pass on a map on which settlements will be depicted, in the form of small islands. You will need to take possession of the advantage and take possession of all the points proposed. You will not be at war alone. Against you will be a no less experienced player who will also be able to take advantage of various bonuses, just like you….