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Generous rabbit

Arguing with friends – who will get the more fur animals – you went hunting. To catch more fur-bearing animals, you put down the bait and waited. You need to collect the maximum number of fluffy ears in order to win a bet with a friend. To do this, you decided not to use a gun, so as not to spoil the fur, but to use a slingshot and to catch hares with a well-aimed hit….

Baby Freaks 2

This child can be called even crazy, because he wants to compete against an already adult guy. What will he do? Throw stones, but so quickly that the plate completely passes to the enemy’s side….

Mahjong 3D

The Far Eastern dragon has challenged you. Can you defeat him in this contest for attentiveness and quick reaction? In this card game, your ability to make prompt and correct decisions is crucial. It’s not worth to be mistaken – it moves you away from victory. If you disassemble the pyramid from the tiles before the time runs out – get bonuses….

winx flora game

Become a fashion stylist with Flora Winx, who expects that you still understand something in fashion. The girl really wants to look as cool as the rest of the girls from the magic school, so do not relax and try to make every effort to choose the best set from Flora’s things….

Snake Boat Race

A canoe is a wooden and very long boat, in which there are quite a lot of people who row and rake water at the same time, so that all canoes move, gaining at the same time such speed that will be sufficient to overtake others and win at each distance, significantly increasing in length and mileage….


Everyone saw and know ma’am? With which now often make comics. We will play with them. You will see many different gray circles, boxes, you will need to open them in this order to find a couple of ma’am….