12 Wheeler

Since childhood, you were madly in love with the road. Constantly moving and changing the terrain outside the window is just what you need. It is for this reason that you decided to firmly connect your life with the work of the driver, and not just a driver, but a trucker. Now you have at your disposal a twelve-meter wagon that perfectly obeys any of your touches, which unspeakably pleases a true lover of high-speed driving. A little time passed and you got a job in a large transport company that organizes the delivery of various goods over long distances. What could be better is your favorite occupation, for which they also pay excellently. Your only headache along the way will be the safety of everything that is in your van, because you are under a contract to deliver all the goods to the customer, otherwise you will not receive any payment for your services! And the terrain is sometimes very unpredictable, so every second you need to keep your ear sharp!

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